IHS Data Services provides daily analysis of world events, detailed country reports, proprietary country and sovereign risk ratings, and comprehensive economic forecasts and historical data to help your business assess its investments and future growth. In today’s fast-changing global economy, you need quick access to accurate and informed insights, forecasts, and data on the countries you operate in today, as well as where your business might take you tomorrow.

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Key Deliverables:

1. Daily Analysis

Stay informed of the latest developments around the world. Underpinned by our country risk model, the analysis focuses on economic performance, political stability, legal environment, tax regime, operational framework, and security risks.

2. Country Reports

Gain a clear view of the business environment across six major risk areas—political, economic, legal, tax, operational, security—as well as the reasoning behind our forecasts.

3. Risk Ratings

Identify the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and financial risks facing your business and build strategies with confidence.

4. Data and Forecast Coverage

Access consistently accurate economic forecasts and a vast repository of historical data.

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