TIBCO ActiveMatrix Business Process Management

Business process platform based on TIBCO’s best-of-breed messaging and integration infrastructure.
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TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM is a completely model-driven business process platform based on TIBCO’s best-of-breed messaging and integration infrastructure. With BPM, you can model how work flows through your organization and in real time swap resources in and out wherever they may be without affecting live processes. That includes infrastructure, but also people, their skills, schedules, work groups, and virtual teams. It can help you include contextual actions, recommendations, and instructions from the TIBCO Nimbus Enterprise How To Guide; case management folders and linked documents and processes; and visual context from analytic dashboards in your decision-making. It can process big data quickly—and just as quickly get to insight using analytics dashboards, contextual processes, or low code business apps.

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TIBCO ActiveMatrix Business Process Management

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  • process automation – Improve the effectiveness of your business processes
  • process documentation – Use BPMS to improve collaboration with business users, formalize processes and operating procedures
  • Seamless digital experience – It automates and integrates with all the things that make up a digital infrastructure including the new world of machine learning, AI and RPA.
  • Powerful human capital management – Business managers can easily and quickly move people around between roles, reassign work, and re-prioritize work.
  • Process patterns – has built-in model-driven support
  • Banking 
  • Human capital management
  • Business
  • Data analyst
  • Business user
  • Banker


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