2019 4th China International Rail Investment and BIM Application Summit

March 28, 2019

China International Rail Investment & Construction BIM technology Application Summit is an annual conference with an accompanying exhibition that focuses on high-quality design, construction and operations. This event is a high-quality, business-focused, and industry-wide platform for providing real solutions and inspiration for global and local industry professionals.

The conference and its highly reputed speakers allow participants to experience best-practice examples. Rail Transit BIM Summit is tailored to the developing needs of the Chinese market and is the place to be for all industry specialists.

In addition, at the same time exhibits focus on the high-quality building design model, rail transit information solutions, and hardware devices, such as workstations, service in the future rail transit construction. Rail Transit BIM Summit provides a complete overview of the market—it showcases product innovations and reveals specific opportunities for the industry.

As an efficient communication, networking, and information platform, it promotes business exchange between owner and design units, construction units, consulting units and so on.

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