Going Digital With Reality Modeling

January 10, 2019

01:00 Pm

The quantity of available data for a single project is rapidly increasing. It is easy to lose track of what is available without a going digital strategy.

Going digital, in a connected data environment, enables the project stakeholders to easily find relevant information, in its most up-to-date form. The ability to access your information 24/7 and the ability to manage, share, and stream your data across project teams and applications to provide real-world digital context to decision makers are just a couple of examples of benefits of leveraging reality Modeling in your digital workflows.

Join industry expert, Sylvain Lotteau, as he discusses how you can easily create a real-world digital context in the form of reality meshes with Bentley’s reality Modeling software, ContextCapture, and real data captured with devices such as UAVs, hand-held cameras, laser scanners, and mobile phones.

With the ever-growing computation power of computers, the generalization of cloud solutions, and new ways of capturing data, it is easier and more accessible to create a digital twin of existing assets, an engineering-ready reality model, that can be shared, analyzed, and consumed in your engineering or GIS workflows.

In this presentation, you will:
• Discover how to leverage reality Modeling for your organization
• Explore how reality Modeling cloud-based services can increase your productivity
• Learn how organizations have applied reality Modeling in their digital workflows
• Hear about the latest reality Modeling technology innovations

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