IBM Db2 Administration Tool: New bind and catalog management utilities

January 22, 2019

The IBM Db2 Administration Tool is the go-to solution that many Db2 data professionals use every day. We’ve recently enhanced the product with capabilities that will be of interest to database administrators and application developers/administrators. Taking advantage of these new features delivered in the Db2 Administration Tool can improve your application performance, availability and reduce system resources.

This session will give usage and examples covering:

• Referred to as “bind avoidance”. This feature analyzes code changes to determine whether a bind action is needed. Bind avoidance can reduce the use of developer and system resources as well as prevent a Db2 access path change that could negatively affect performance.

• “Catalog cleanup” is a feature that looks for orphan packages. That is, packages where no counterpart load module exists. By avoiding repeated and unnecessary BIND REPLACE tasks, you can remove the excess that can clutter your Db2 catalog, wasting space and possibly introducing errors.

• The Database Resource Management (DBRM) contains the SQL statements and variables pertaining to an application. The Db2 system uses the DBRM to optimize application program interaction. The DBRM regeneration features create a missing or lost DBRM from the Db2 catalog. This avoids application availability issues if Db2 is waiting for the DBRM.

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