IBM Watson Commerce roadmap and strategy update

January 8, 2019

IBM Watson Commerce leadership will provide insight into the solution roadmap and strategy.

The world of customer engagement and online selling is changing before our eyes. The days of competing on product, price, promotion and place are long gone. Now, every brand must provide their own unique experience to each customer and connect with them in new ways.

Join IBM Watson Commerce leadership for a live webcast discussing our commerce platform strategy and vision. Find out how we are helping brands address their new commerce reality with an integrated, micro-service based and AI enabled platform that focuses their talent on creating continuous, personalized customer experiences – online and offline – across the commerce lifecycle.

You will learn:

How pre-packaged AI capabilities help marketers, merchandisers, content managers and fulfilment directors make the best decisions to enhance customer engagement and drive business results.
How a micro-service approach is giving brands the flexibility and speed they need to keep up with evolving customer Behavior and preferences.
How a re-architected commerce platform helps bran

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