NVivo Virtual Conference – Qualitative Research in a Changing world

September 23, 2020

Qualitative Research in a Changing world

Statworks Group is the official partner of NVIVO and we are pleased to announce that our partner will be having a virtual conference on September 23, 2020. Registration to attend the conference will open in July 2020.

COVID-19 has turned our world upside down, despite the fact that medical scientists have been warning for years that a pandemic was an inevitable consequence of our shrinking world due to the increase in international travel and trade. While the medical profession and politicians are focusing on ways to manage this crisis and medical scientists are trying to develop an effective vaccine, social scientists have the tools to look at the impact of the pandemic on the way we live.

We are social animals, yet most of us have been required to ‘stay at home’ and maintain physical distance in any interaction. Most qualitative research methods rely on in-person interaction, whether in interviews, focus groups, or observation studies. Many researchers will have to adapt their methods or even change their research design or topic to accommodate these changed circumstances. Other researchers will focus on the new research topics that the pandemic has precipitated.

This conference embraces both strands of how researchers have responded to the crisis. We welcome papers that focus on the use of online and virtual methods to reaching research participants and their strengths and weaknesses. We also welcome any papers that are looking at the social impact of the pandemic.