Multidimensional analysis – Because the business world isn’t flat

January 15, 2019

The business world is multidimensional—not a flat plane of rows and columns. And it takes fast, flexible multidimensional analysis to navigate its complex twists and turns.

In a free, online webinar on January 15, attendees can learn how organizations both large and small are using multidimensional analysis to gain insight, save time and effort, and drive value across a range of business functions.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about:

• Multidimensional analysis: In-depth analysis of large, historical and future-oriented data sets gives you the insight you need to meet your targets and cope with the unexpected. Analyzing your data in all its three-dimensional complexity prepares you to seize opportunities to grow the business and address the inevitable setbacks with agility and confidence.

• Personal scenario analysis: A personalized “sandbox” environment helps you minimize uncertainty by creating and comparing best case, worst case and most likely scenarios, and Modeling alternative courses of action.

• Hierarchies for fast, flexible analysis: The “hierarchies” analysis capability (an IBM Planning Analytics exclusive) enables users to perform in-depth, granular analysis using “attributes” to model variables such as products, customers, regions, and sales channels in real time.

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