New insights on fast data and the changing streaming analytics landscape

January 23, 2019

Fast data is rapidly becoming one of the biggest challenges and opportunities for businesses as they attempt to turn the increasing amount, variety, and velocity of streamed data into real-time insights that provide a competitive advantage.

In this webinar, IBM and guest Forrester consider the current state of the fast data landscape using the new IBM-commissioned fast data study conducted by Forrester Consulting as a guide. Topics include:

• The most important data sources – 75% consider data from IoT sources a high or critical priority
• Current fast data needs – nearly 90% typically require data to be ingested and analyzed in a day
• Integration of other technology – 73% are using or planning to use ML for streamed data
• Several illuminating fast data use cases will also be shared along with information on how to pick the best fast data solution and a live Q&A session.

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