TIBCO Spotfire X Workshop: AI-Powered Analytics

February 21, 2019

CET 09:30 Pm – 12:30 Pm
MYT 04:30 Pm – 07:30 Pm

Regus Office, Brussels, Belgium

Data hides a lot of treasures. Make your first dashboards and visualizations, and learn how to view and analyze your data in just a few clicks.

Wrapped in a beautiful new UI, the new Spotfire® X platform makes it even easier for everyone from beginners to experts to use analytics. We’ll provide you with a hands-on experience and discuss:
• Visualization tips & tricks
• Accessing data from multiple sources
• Data wrangling and data preparation
• Calculations and custom expressions
• Data science, including R
• Geoanalytics
• Real-time, streaming analytics
• Predictive analytics
• Machine learning
• Integration with other TIBCO products

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