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IHS have 1,200 world class experts and researchers and 1,400 industry analysts. In IHS Economics & Country Risk alone have over 150 economists and 50 country risk analysts.

The Country Intelligence services are updated daily, monthly and quarterly.



  • Datagroup – Economic & Financial data available
  • Services – Country and Industry Intelligence, analysis and forecasts on 205 countries and 95 industries; Risk assessments; Banking Risk Services



  • Provide business makers with decision makers with the industry expertise and analysis to evaluate markets around the world
  • Provide assessments of the financial stability, creditworthiness, and risk factors affecting investment and business decision for countries around the world
  • Offers comprehensive and detailed analysis, forecasts, models and data for the United States, Canada, etc. to give you an in-depth view of the business opportunities and risks
  • Constantly updated analysis of the business conditions, economic prospects, and risks in over 200 countries, including objective and up-to-time-the-minute analysis of the key factors driving country, regional and global markets
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