QSR International Acquires Citavi Reference Management Solution


    We are very pleased to share exciting news: QSR International has acquired Citavi, the only all-in-one reference management and note taking app that will intuitively streamline analyzing sources and organizing notes in one location.

    Citavi can augment NVivo’s powerful qualitative data analytics capabilities, helping you search for, organize, record, and cite references. Together, our combined product suite provides a platform for researchers to work individually or as a team, from Discovery to Writing Up, Outreach and Assessment.

    NVivo and Citavi are the most trusted providers of software tools to universities and individuals in academic and professional research communities. The combination of these solutions brings us one step closer to creating a cohesive suite of research tools, allowing researchers to navigate every step of the research process through a common set of software tools. 

    Moreover, both Citavi and NVivo have extensive user networks that combine to create a global research community where members can learn, grow, contribute, and collaborate to drive best practice for research globally.

    If the idea of further streamlining your research tools so you can focus your time on the research appeals to you, check out Citavi today at www.citavi.com. You can create a free account to explore Citavi’s functionality and see what it can do to maximize your efforts and empower your work. 

    Thanks for trusting us to empower your research journey!


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