OpenShift Do is a command line tool designed to make creating applications on the OpenShift Container Platform quick and easy.

It has a simple syntax that makes getting started and pushing to a cluster easy, and it even has features designed to aid in iterative development on Kubernetes platforms. Though Openshift Do (odo) was originally designed for OpenShift, odo now supports all flavors of Kubernetes as of the 2.0 release. This means that all of the odo productivity features that aid in development on OpenShift can now be used on non-OpenShift clusters too, including the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.

Here’s a quick video overview that demonstrates how a developer can go from nothing to a Node.js application running in a Kubernetes cluster — with live/iterative development — in just a few short minutes using the odo CLI.

Iterative development with odo

Once you create a new microservice and deploy it using odo, stop and think about how developers write their applications. Often, it is an iterative process — changing code, pushing changes, testing, making more changes, etc.

If you’re running everything locally, you can use nodemon to automatically hot-reload changes in a Node.js microservice every time a file is changed. This kind of iterative development process is also possible for microservices running inside of a Kubernetes cluster by using the odo watch command.

The odo watch command will monitor for local file changes and automatically push them into the cluster. So, as a developer, all that you need to do is write code and save your files. They will automatically be pushed into the cluster, and the changes will automatically be available in the browser when you go to test them.

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