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TI-84 Plus


Expanded graphing technology performance comes preloaded with more than a dozen applications, including functionality that encourages exploration of interactive geometry, inequality graphing and real-world data collection and analysis.
– Preloaded with software, including Cabri Jr. interactive geometry software.
– Up to ten graphing functions defined, saved, graphed and analyzed at one time.
– Advanced functions accessed through pull-down display menus.
– Horizontal and vertical split screen options. Vibrant backlit color screen
– I/O port for communication with other TI products.Seven different graph styles for differentiating the look of each graph drawn

Take it to the test
Standardized testing organizations have approved the TI-84 Plus for use on the PSAT®, SAT®, and ACT® college entrance exams, IB® Diploma Programme and AP® tests

- 8-line by 16-character display
- Powered by four AAA batteries with a lithium battery backup to protect RAM memory during main battery change
- Impact-resistant slide case
- TI Connectivity Cable included
- 480 KB ROM memory for data archive and storage of apps
- 24KB of available RAM memory

Included apps: Cabri™ Jr., Catalog Help, Conic Graphing, Inequality Graphing, LearningCheck™, Polynomial Root Finder and Simultaneous Equation Solver, Probability Simulation, Science Tools, StudyCards™ , Topics in Algebra 1, Transformation Graphing, Vernier EasyData®
- Apps are available from TI and other leading developers

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