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Based on technologies including computer vision on non-structural data extraction, financial industry NLP, and knowledge maps, ABC Technology has built intelligent investment research, intelligent risk control, smart investment, intelligent operation and other products and integrated solutions for professionals in financial industry. ABC Technology’s products and technologies have been successfully applied to dozens of famous domestic and foreign customers, including China National Sovereign Fund, Singapore Sovereign Fund, HKEx, CICC, Haitong Securities, Huitianfu Fund, and Jinsha Group.

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ABC Technology


  1. Banking – ABC Technology uses a self-developed intelligent process automation engine that incorporates machine vision capabilities to help banks achieve automatic identification of customer ID card information, automatic parsing of report information for corporate loan approvals, and automation of key financial ratio calculations.
  2. Insurance – Using advanced technologies such as machine vision, OCR, RPA, etc., to eliminate a large number of repetitive works. Use cases include buying insurance, insurance information verification, underwriting. This would decrease information processing time and improve customer experience, improve operational efficiency, empower employees and partners!
  3. Securities – For business units, ABC Technology provides integrated solutions for research, investment, and risk management for investment companies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, including research and screening of pre-investment assets and products. ABC Technology also provides process-assisted management and post-investment risk tracking supervision.
  4. Asset Management – When the asset management company collects financial information from various companies in the market and analyzes it, it receives a large number of reports in unstructured format. The traditional approach is to manually copy information from scanned and photographed reports, taking time and effort, extending analysis and decision making time. Our parsing engine uses machine vision to automatically extract key content from unstructured text in various formats by giving it rules and training for a large number of samples. Reduce manual extraction errors, speed up analysis and decision time, and help asset managers create value.

Sand’s Macao Case Study
Sands China Ltd. (HKEx Ticker: 1928) is the leading developer, owner and operator of multi-use integrated resorts and casinos in Macao.

• Demands of Digital Transformation:
• With changing customer consumption trend, demands the
understanding of customer consumption habits to improve
customer satisfaction.
• Pressure of operation efficiency
• Sands Macao has tripled its growth in the past 5 years, putting
a bigger challenge of management and customer service in
front of them.
• Intelligent Business Analysis and Decision Making
• With the growing demand and requirement to eliminate errors,
they look towards AI to provide a solid and stable analytics and
instant data driven decision making solution.
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