The leading system for extracting actionable knowledge hidden in piles of free text and structured data

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PolyAnalyst is the leading system for extracting actionable knowledge hidden in piles of free text and structured data. Whatever your data source, challenge, or skill level, PolyAnalyst is the tool of choice for turning data into valuable business insights. It provides cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) engines, a broad selection of statistical and machine-learning algorithms and built-in generation of custom graphical reports.

PolyAnalyst has four editions:

1. PolyAnalyst for Text™
Accurately extract facts and relationships or perform clustering and sentiment analysis on free text documents. Able to deal with multiple languages and document formats.

2. PolyAnalyst Pro™
Tool for building models that predict outcomes of future situations. Able to train these models on a mixture of structured attributes and free text.

3. PolyAnalyst Web Reports™
Able to deliver the results of your analysis in simple graphical form to numerous non-technical users.

4. PolyAnalyst-H™
Able to handle Big Data challenge in terms of scale and handle the amount of data required for the analysis. With an analysis platform that supports distributed computing on a cluster of low grade machines, we make Big Data analysis easy.

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Megaputer Intelligence Inc.

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  1. PolyAnalyst provides a unique, powerful set of tools for data mining applications, including promotion response analysis, customer segmentation and profiling, and cross-selling analysis.
  2. The web reporting capabilities of PolyAnalyst™ provide a highly customizable interface for users at all levels of your organization. The browser-based interface allows any report to be downloaded to share or create hard-copies for executives, supervisors, teammates, or clients.
  3. ease-of-use, complete suite of algorithms, well designed reports and extensibility.
  4. Significant increase in the speed of analysis
  5. No need to invest in high-end hardware
  6. Cluster-based analytic through an intuitive GUI

PolyAnalyst covers all steps of the data analysis process:

  • Loading from files, databases, documents, emails, social media
  • Cleansing and manipulation
  • NLP, feature and relationship extraction
  • Pattern detection and predictive modeling
  • Results summarization in custom reports
  • Saving developed analytical solutions for future reuse
  • Consulting / Audit
    Seeking knowledge for best advice
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
    Turn your data into your advantage
  • Finance
    Profiting from analytics
  • Food / Restaurants
    Gaining tasty insights
  • Government
    Making informed decisions
  • Healthcare
    Improving treatment outcomes
  • Hospitality
    Listening and comprehending
  • Insurance: Health
    Optimizing payouts and preventing fraud
  • Insurance: P&C
    Mastering claims analytics
  • Legal
    Streamline discoveries
  • Manufacturing
    Building with confidence
  • Marketing
    Grasping customers and markets
  • Pharma / Life Sciences
    Enhancing experience and safety
  • Retail
    Selling intelligently
  • Telecom
    Stay connected with your data


  • Executives
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Research

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