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Enterprise big data analytics platform that can help your organization become a digital leader
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TIBCO Spotfire Data Science is an enterprise big data analytics platform that can help your organization become a digital leader. The collaborative user-interface allows data scientists, data engineers, and business users to work together on data science projects. These cross-functional teams can build machine learning workflows in an intuitive web interface with a minimum of code, while still leveraging the power of big data platforms.

Spotfire Data Science provides a complete array of tools (from visual workflows to Python notebooks) for the data scientist to work with data of any magnitude, and it connects natively to most sources of data, including Apache Hadoop, Spark, Hive, and relational databases. While providing security and governance, the advanced analytic platform allows the analytics team to share and deploy predictive analytics and machine learning insights with the rest of the organization, white providing security and governance, driving action for the business.

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TIBCO Spotfire Data Science

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  • Simplify Big Data Analytics
    Rely on huge scalability and broad support for data types, including unstructured data. A web-based interface with out-of-the-box, code-free operators eliminates the need for complex coding—and by performing all data prep and analytic computations natively within Hadoop and databases on-site or in the cloud, you both reduce the need to move data and improve performance.
  • Empower Everyone to Collaborate
    Leverage the creativity of the entire cross-functional team, not just a few data scientists. The familiar web-browser interface makes it easy to share and mark-up, but lets you maintain control, security, version control, and auditability. Spotfire Data Science is the best solution for bringing machine learning, data, and people together to create operational solutions for the business
  • Faster Visual Insights from Spark and Hadoop
    Visual analytics are critical. But data prep leading up to them can be challenging. You don’t need scarce data scientists for this step. Go from data to a self-service visual interface with drag-and-drop operators to prep, blend, shape, and analyze data. Then display in a Spotfire dashboard where insights jump off the page
  • From Data to Business Insight
    We offer a full suite of capabilities so you can achieve current and future business goals. Integrate with other TIBCO products to create business solutions: Start analyzing in Spotfire Data Science, and export to Spotfire for visualization. Use TIBCO StreamBase for streaming analytics, TIBCO Flogo for edge analytics, and TIBCO Cloud LiveApps to provide self-service creation of business apps.
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