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Citavi joins QSR’s product suite, alongside NVivo, the latest version of its popular research tool used by health, government, non-profit, academic and commercial researchers worldwide, as well as its Sonia student placement solution. Citavi enables researchers to search resources from around the world, create tasks, analyze texts, save quotations and ideas, create outlines for drafts, and write reports, articles, or books – faster and more efficiently than ever. Citavi’s capabilities will integrate perfectly with NVivo’s leading QDA solution to provide a robust set of powerful research tools.

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  • Work Efficiently
    Citavi enables you to work faster and effectively, whether you need a short bibliography, are searching a team library of 20,000 sources, or want to keep track of notes.
  • Find Sources for Your Paper
    Instead of googling for hours, use Citavi to search your library’s catalogs and research databases for new sources. This helps you find the right texts faster and saves you time and trouble.
  • Cite Books, Journal Articles, Webpage, etc
    Use Citavi to cite any source you need for your papers. From academic monographs to  webpages – with Citavi’s Picker you can send citation information for books and webpages from your browser to your project. No more piles of paper or lost print-outs. All with just a click.
  • Keep On Track and Get Organized
    Create an outline in Citavi. While you read, assign your sources, important quotations, and your own ideas to different sections. Refine your outline as you go. When it’s time to write, you’ll have everything at hand: all your references, quotations, and ideas.
  • Plan for Progress
    Not everything is equally important. A quick look at a book’s title or a journal article’s abstract helps you set priorities. With Citavi’s Task Planner you always know when you want to work on what, and the tasks you’ve already completed.
  1. Research Institutes
  2. Non-Profit Organizations
  3. Government Agencies
  1. Students
  2. Researchers

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