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Welcome to NVivo, the software that helps researchers make sense of their information. Unlike statistical or quantitative software, NVivo focuses on analysing qualitative information, making it the perfect tool for those looking to explore an issue, understand or explain a phenomenon, or develop a theory. NVivo streamlines the research process by organizing and managing information, identifying themes, and visualizing and sharing findings. It removes manual tasks like classifying, sorting, and arranging information, allowing researchers to focus on their analysis.

NVivo is designed to support a wide range of research methods, including grounded theory, phenomenology, and discourse analysis. From initial literature reviews and project design to analysis and reporting, NVivo is the ultimate tool for every stage of your research project. With NVivo’s automated insights, you can quickly understand key concepts and sentiment in large volumes of text, making it easy to develop preliminary results at the start of a project or validate your thinking as you work.

NVivo is the perfect solution for researchers who want to save time and focus on their analysis. With its intuitive design and powerful features, NVivo can help you unlock insights and make sense of your data quickly and efficiently. So why not try NVivo today and see how it can help you take your research to the next level?

The Research Process with Lumivero Solutions 

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NVivo 14

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  • Real-Time Collaboration

    By enhancing the team experience with NVivo Collaboration Cloud, multiple users can connect to the same project to update, code, and analyze research in real-time.

  • Easily Connect from Mac or Windows

    Syncing projects across Mac and Windows does more than eliminate the file conversion process — with NVivo 14, users can open projects across both Mac and Windows with ease.

  • Citavi Insight – Powered by NVivo

    Using NVivo and Citavi together helps you go beyond simple reference management and creates a springboard to analyze your literature, connect it to your empirical data, analyze it with NVivo’s research tools, and publish your work faster.

  • Simplified Lumivero Account Management

    Whether you use NVivo, NVivo Transcription, NVivo Collaboration Cloud, Citavi, or a combination of them all, Single Sign-On offers a secure, centralized, and easy-to-use access management capability. One account provides access to your resources, tools, data, and applications.

  • Boost Productivity

    Using NVivo, you can identify themes, run advanced queries, and discover evidence-based insights faster, allowing you to achieve rigorous research results in less time.

  • Make Robust Conclusions Across Different Types of Qualitative & Quantitative Data

    Keep all your data in one place. Easily import your notes and data, so you have the complete picture when articulating outcomes or evaluating impact.

  • Uncover Deeper Insights

    Use comprehensive queries and visualizations to ask critical questions of your data. Find patterns and connections that wouldn’t be possible manually.

  • Deliver Comprehensive Research Findings

    Use the power of NVivo to reach and produce valid, defensible conclusions and ensure effective outcomes.

NVivo Collaboration Cloud in Action

NVivo Transcription overview

Citavi and NVivo Streamlined

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