Probabilistic Risk Analysis in Excel
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@Risk is a software application that is used for risk analysis and decision-making under uncertainty. It is an add-in to Microsoft Excel, which allows users to build and analyse risk models using Monte Carlo simulation, a technique that generates random samples of input variables to simulate different possible outcomes.


Welcome to @RISK, the leading risk analysis and decision-making software designed to help you make confident decisions by analysing probabilities and outcomes. With @RISK, you can quickly and easily assess the likelihood of making money, taking a loss, staying within budget, or needing a contingency plan for your next venture. By integrating directly with Excel, @RISK enables you to model complex scenarios and gain deeper insights into your data. Whether you’re in finance, engineering, insurance, or healthcare, @RISK provides a wide range of statistical and mathematical tools to help you quantify and manage risk. With @RISK, you can identify hidden opportunities, buffer against potential risks, and make data-driven decisions that lead to greater success. Join the Fortune 500 companies and private consultancies that trust @RISK for their risk modelling needs and take the guesswork out of big decisions today.

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  • Monte Carlo Simulation

    By sampling different possible inputs, @RISK calculates thousands of possible future outcomes and the chances they will occur. This helps you avoid likely hazards — and uncover hidden opportunities.

  • 100% Excel Integration

    @RISK integrates seamlessly with Excel’s function set and ribbon, letting you work in a familiar environment with results you can trust.

  • Sensitivity Analysis

    @RISK identifies and ranks the most important factors driving your risks so you can plan strategies — and resources — accordingly.

  • Graphs and Reports

    @RISK offers a wide variety of customizable, exportable graphing and reporting options that let you communicate risk to all stakeholders.

  • Extensive Modelling Features

    With a broad library of probability distributions, data fitting tools, and correlation modelling, @RISK lets you represent any scenario in any industry with the highest level of accuracy.

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Protecting your Portfolio with Monte Carlo Simulation

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