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STATWORKS offers comprehensive leasing services for a wide range of equipment, including hardware and on-site support services, helpdesk support, and asset management. We have established leasing agreements with renowned brands.

Our leasing services cover various project types, ensuring that we can efficiently meet diverse needs. These project types include development, data centre, network, supply, maintenance, leasing, and infrastructure.

When it comes to equipment, we provide a diverse selection of items available for delivery. Some of the featured items in our inventory include laptops, desktop computers, printers, projectors, charging carts, body-worn cameras, among others. We also offer charging carts for the convenient management of devices.

Beyond providing physical equipment, STATWORKS’ leasing services go above and beyond by offering software subscriptions, support services, and licenses. This comprehensive approach allows businesses to access not only the necessary hardware but also the vital software tools and cutting-edge technologies required for their growth and success.

Additionally, we offer two flexible leasing options to cater to varying business preferences: “lease to use” and “lease to own.” With “lease to use,” companies can enjoy the benefits of the equipment and services for a specific duration without the burden of ownership, making it an ideal solution for short-term projects or budget-conscious organizations. On the other hand, our “lease to own” option enables businesses to gradually acquire ownership of the leased equipment over time, providing them with a pathway to eventual full ownership while still enjoying the advantages of leasing during the transition period.

At STATWORKS, we understand that each business has unique requirements, and our leasing solutions are designed to accommodate those diverse needs. By combining physical equipment with software, support, and leasing options, we empower businesses with the tools and flexibility they need to thrive and remain competitive in their respective industries. Whether it’s a temporary project or a long-term growth strategy, our leasing services are tailored to support businesses every step of the way. Feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] for more information. Let us assist you in finding the perfect leasing solution to cater to your specific requirements.

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