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Perceptron 360 – Decision Platform

PERCEPTRON 360 – Decision Platform
1st local Decision Platform As a Service


In recent times, the most talked about emerging technology trends not only in Asia but in the rest of the world are Decision Platforms that are predicted to grow at a staggering speed and value by the year 2020.

The decision platform is the buzzword since 2017 in the Asia market but many have no clear idea of what is a decision platform, what are the features of a good decision platform and why an organization needs a decision platform.

Decision Platform contains all necessary tools required for executing different phases of Analytics workspace such as data ingestion, integration, and exploration as well as model development and deployment. A decision platform helps data scientists enhance their analysis by helping them run, track, reproduce, share and deploy analytical models faster and more efficiently. The best decision platform offers the flexibility of open-source tools and the scalability of elastic compute resources.


The 1st local decision platform known as the PERCEPTRON 360 – decision Platform incorporating various technology in the area of data ingestion, cleansing, data manipulation and model building in the area of predictive analytics, machine learning and prescriptive analytics with access to both open source technologies such as R, Python, Spark, Anaconda etc and also easy UI such as Modeler that many users can jump on board easily and slowly grow to incorporate open source tools.

PERCEPTRON 360 – Decision Platform would have real world business examples in various area of fraud, CRM, profiling, chatbots that allows users to collaborate and share these example models with their own local inputs and applications.

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